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School is considered a home away from home for students and staff alike. People go to educational institutions every day, some for over eight hours, to gain knowledge and figure out where they want their place to be in the world.

Unfortunately, with so many people in such close quarters, the No. 1 thing that school districts and universities alike have to worry about is safety—specifically, each student’s safety in regard to their health.

Although having hired cleaners such as maids and janitors is helpful for the daily upkeep of an educational institution, outsourcing the daily and weekly cleaning of a school can be the top choice for educators.

Why? Because school cleaning services from companies like S&G Cleaning Services do what it takes to turn a cesspool of germs into a squeaky-clean environment ready to shape future leaders.

Comprehensive, Best School Cleaning Services

Every educational institution is not the same. There is a vast difference between the environment of an elementary school compared to the environment of a college campus.

What sets S&G Commercial Cleaning apart from other school cleaning companies in New Jersey is that we understand that difference and utilize it to create a specialized cleaning plan for each type of school. The way we clean an elementary school will be nothing like how we clean a university.

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S&G Commercial Cleaning provides the best commercial cleaning services to all kinds of schools, including:

Colleges and universities.

K-12 school districts.

Technical and vocational schools.

Private and charter schools.

Even if your school doesn’t fall into one of these categories, S&G Commercial Cleaning still is willing to sit down with you and identify how we can be of service to you.

Thorough, Best School Cleaning Services

The cleaning standards in schools, no matter what kind they are, are rigorous. There are layers to the cleaning procedures of schools, and if they aren’t followed correctly, it can put every student and staff member’s health at risk.

When you choose the school cleaning service of S&G Commercial Cleaning, you’re choosing the best. We understand the in-depth cleaning procedures at schools because they are the same types of procedures we follow when we clean any of our clients’ spaces.

Some of the services we provide include:

Dusting: Did you know a layer of dust can form after just one day? Dusting your school in all areas should be done daily to ensure the best environment for those with allergies and breathing problems.

Window Cleaning: Dirty and streaky windows can be common, especially in elementary schools thanks to little hands. The school cleaning services of S&G Commercial cleaning can handle that issue for you.

Each plan is created with you so we can identify what you’re wanting the most from your school cleaning service.

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Floorcare: From sweeping to mopping, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive floorcare. No telling how much dirt and grime staff and students bring into school every day.

Waste Removal: Trash buildup at schools is a problem. If left for too long, it can lead to serious odor and bugs. Let S&G Commercial Cleaning handle that for you and restock the bags as needed.

Disinfection and Sanitization: A nice, deep clean is the perfect topping for any school cleaning service plan. This will ensure all of those germs and bacteria are wiped off of every surface from floor to ceiling.

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Cleaning Professionals, You Can Trust

As a family-owned business, we’ve been providing efficient and professional cleaning services since 1987. Our customers love working with us because we treat each of them like family and never cut any corners to get the job done faster.

When you choose to work with us, you get the benefits of:

Background-checked and trained employees.

A dependable cleaning service that works in your timeframe.

Hassle-free plans that always can be changed or renewed.

Honest, open communication so if anything is ever wrong, we can come and fix it.

Friendly professionals who genuinely love to keep things clean and orderly.

Unrivaled School Cleaning Services

We can guarantee that working with another school cleaning company never will be as good as working with the school cleaning services of S&G Commercial Cleaning. Our skill is unmatched when it comes to efficiently delivering a clean that our customers love every single time.

If you’re ready to take your school’s cleanliness to the next level, reach out to S&G Commercial Cleaning on our website today for a free estimate.

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